Walker Boots TD Mid Calf Small XLR8

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Size S

Certification/ Compliance CE

Brand Thuasne

Height in cm (Final Packing) 16

Length in cm (Final Packing) 27

Width in cm (Final Packing) 26

Gender Unisex

Usage Multiple Use

Country of Origin France

Manufacturer Thuasne SAS

Storage Temperature Room Temperature


Full shell pneumatic  walking boot
Curved anti-skid sole
Adjustable toe guard (3 positions)
Removable and washable inner liner
Integrated independent air cells
Suitable for patients weighing less than 160 kg

Thuasne XLR8 Walker Boots TD Mid Calf Small is a full shell pneumatic walking boot used for treating severe sprains, malleolar fractures, fractures of the lower 3rd of the leg and pre or post-op use. The rigid shell contains 2 integrated independent air cells for a precise anatomical fit. These air cells provide quick and easy inflation to adjust the pressure to the oedema once the boot is in place. The liner of the XLR8 is removable and washable, whilst the adjustable toe-guard helps to protect the front of the foot. The curved, anti-skid sole helps with natural, comfortable walking.

Used for ligament & tendon related trauma/injury
Used during moderate to severe ankle sprains
Can be used for fracture of the foot & the front of the foot
Can be used pre or post operative ankle stabilization/ immobilization
Used during ski injury

How to use
Place foot and leg inside the foam wraps. Close the foam wraps snugly around leg. Additional pads are included to fill space inside the walker and around the ankle.
Place wrapped foot into the walker, with the heel against the posterior shell of the boot.
Position front panel of the boot so it covers the front of the foam wrap.
Tighten all the straps so the front panel and boot feel secure and prevent the foot from sliding in the boot.
Read the booklet provided within the package for more details

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