Braun Thermoscan 6 - Irt 6515

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Braun thermoscan 6 is fast, gentle, easy to use & accurate, making it great for checking for fevers in infants & kids. featuring an easy to read backlit display with temperature guidance that changes the backlight from green to yellow to red depending on the temperature reading.

Patented pre-warmed tip technology

Colour-coded fever guidance Wide-angle probe for professional accuracy, including on newborns. No 1 brand among doctors

Last reading memory recall, positioning system

Set Contains:

1 X ThermoScan 6

1 x Protective Cap

21 x Disposable hygiene caps

How to use

Step 1 - Remove the protective cap and push the power buttom

During an internal self-check, the display shows all segments. Then the last temperature taken will be displayed for 5 seconds.

The Hygiene cap indicator will blink to signal one is needed.

To achieve accurate measurements, make sure a new, clean Hygiene cap

is in place before each measurement.

Step 2 - Fit the probe snuggly into the ear canal and direct towards opposite temple

Then push and release the Start button.

Step 3 - ExacTemp light will pulse while temperature measurement is in progress.

The light will remain solid for 3 seconds to indicate that a successful temperature reading has been achieved. The confirmation beep indicates that an accurate temperature measurement has been taken. The result is shown on the display.

Step 4 - For the next measurement

Press Eject button to remove and discard used Hygiene cap, and put on a new, clean Hygiene cap.

The Braun ThermoScan Ear thermometer turns off automatically after

60 seconds of inactivity. The thermometer can also be turned off by

pressing the Power button . The display will briefly flash OFF and it will go blank.

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