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CompAIR Basic NE-C803

Light, quiet, and affordable nebulizer

• Virtually silent: the quietest compressor nebulizer from OMRON.

• Lightweight and small with excellent value for money.

About this item

As slim as a cd box

weather forecast with Icons

Indoor & outdoor temperature and humidity

radio-controlled clock with calendar

Powered by 2xCR2032

size 142x65x135mm

Product description


Efficient compressor with 3 micrometre MMAD particle sizeNebulization rate - 0.30 mL/minLow noise compressorLightweightFast and convenientEasy to clean designHow to Use:

​Make sure that the power switch is in the off positionConnect the AC adapter to the compressor and plug the power plug into a power outletRemove the inhalation top together with vaporizer head from the medication tankAdd the correct amount of prescribed medication to the medication tankMake sure that the vaporizer head is securely attached to the inhalation topPut the inhalation top back inside the medication tankAttach the mask, mouthpiece or optional nosepiece to the nebulizer kit tightlyAttach the air tube. Push the air tube plugs firmLy into the air tube connectorsHold the nebulizer kitPress the power switch to the on position, as the compressor starts, nebulization begins and aerosol is generated, inhale the medicationWhen treatment is complete, turn the power off, unplug the AC adapter from the power outlet and disconnect it from the compressor.

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