Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor-RS2-HEM6121-E

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Brand – Omron

Type – Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Model – RS2-HEM6121-E

Portable and compact design

Memory storage

30 measurements


Pressure: -3mmhg

Pulse: -5% of display readings

Measurement range

Pressure: 0-299mmhg

Pulse: 40-180beats/min

Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – RS2-HEM6121-E

The RS2 BP monitor is a compact, economical fully-automatic, wrist-type blood pressure monitor from healthcare specialists Omron. Featuring Omron's Intellisense technology, the RS2 BP monitor determines the optimal speed and pressure for gentle inflation and deflation, leading to an improved patient experience. The pre-formed, easy-to-fit cuff ensures that practitioner time is maximized, and the clear LCD display shows pulse rate and systolic and diastolic pressures. The display also shows irregular heartbeat, hypertension and an icon to indicate correct wrapping.

The Omron RS2 BP monitor features an array of early health warning sensors that will give you valuable insights into the health and wellbeing of your circulatory system. The hypertension indicator lights up if your blood pressure exceeds the recommended level, while the irregular heartbeat indicator will switch on if you are suffering from an arrhythmia. Simple but vital safeguards against ill-health.

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